Posted by: thelionsface | March 11, 2009

Cast for The Lion’s Face Presentation

Director John Fulljames is deep in rehearsal for next week’s presentation of The Lion’s Face at the Royal Institution.

We are pleased to anounce a fantastic cast of performers which includes David Calder, whose “career-defining” King Lear at Shakespeare’s Globe last year was nominated by the Evening Standard for a Best Actor award. Those who saw The Opera Group’s award-winning Street Scene in 2008 will recognise Elena Ferrari who played the musical’s tragic heroine.

David Calder

David Calder

He   David Calder
His Wife   Carol Rowlands
The Carer   Elena Ferrari
The Carer’s Daughter   Fflur Wyn
Scientist   Simon Lobelson
Music by   Elena Langer
Libretto by   Glyn Maxwell
Director    John Fulljames
Conductor    Tim Murray
Lighting   Sally Ferguson
Repetiteur   Ouri Bronchti
Cello   Gabriella Swallow
Clarinet   Niall Webb

Tickets are still available (just £8). Book online here.


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