Posted by: thelionsface | April 15, 2009

Showcase Video

We are really pleased to have a record of the presentation of scenes from The Lion’s Face, which had been workshopped over the week of the 16 March. With an initial presentation on some of the recent research into Alzheimers by Professor Simon Lovestone and a panel discussion with the creative team to round things off,  it was an entertaining and thought-provoking evening. Many thanks also to Baroness Jay, who led the proceedings.

The auditorium at the Royal Institution was packed and the feedback was fantastic, which bodes well for the devlopment of the full opera in 2010.

Thanks to David Newell for filming and editing this video for us.



  1. Hi, I am interested in more information when this opera is opening. Do you have a rough idea when and where it is going to be performed at? I noticed you are going on tour as well so what locations would you be performing this at. Although I am not an opera lover, there are a couple of reasons I ask. One is that I have noticed my favourite British actor, David Calder, is playing the lead. Will Mr Calder be on the tour as well? Also, the subject of the opera, Dementia/Alzheimer’s is something close and dear to my heart. I care for my mother who has recently been confirmed with Alzheimer’s, even though she has had it for over two years. Through her condition, I’ve had to give up things like work, theatre committments and other hobbies that take my time. It will be interesting to see how you interpret and portray the subject and be interested to see how it compares to my experience with it. If what I read on the site is correct, I think this will be worthwhile seeing and deliver a very powerful message. To be honest, I’m quite envious of what you’re doing as it’s something in the lines I would like to do, if anything to educate people on my eye opening experiences.

    I look forward to hearing from you with more information.

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