Posted by: thelionsface | June 1, 2010

The Lion’s Face Review in the Independent on Sunday

John Fulljames’s Opera Group production of The Lion’s Face is dominated by Dave Hill’s magnificent Mr D: adrift in dementia, and the only character who speaks, rather than sings, over Elena Langer’s cat’s-cradle of figures for solo strings. The cheerful care assistant (Rachel Hynes) and earnest doctor (Benedict Nelson) cannot alleviate Mr D’s confusion or the weariness of his wife (Elizabeth Sikora). With her school shut because of snow, the care assistant’s daughter (Fflur Wyn) begins a relationship with Mr D, bringing resolution to a half-remembered incident from his childhood. Dementia resists the imposition of a narrative, but this is an accurate and sympathetic exploration of the disease.

Anna Picard
Sunday 30 May


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